Having a hectic life is tough family, work, traveling etc. When it comes to training it's another chore to put in your schedule the question is now how can you manage that time? With online coaching, I make your life easier by maximizing your training without being to stress out, depending on what you want I cater those needs into your lifestyle, with meal plans, specific guidelines in your training, help you focus train on your weaknesses and master your strengths. Everyone can purchase a program, diet plan or even e-books, but do they really work specifically for you? or is it more of a generalize for the everyday person. I truly work very hard to help you overcome those obstacles not because I just care but I know the feeling of struggle and I know what it takes to achieve these goals. So let me help you and apply for a consultation of in person/skype. It’s time for you to train the UnleashFIT way!

Get Yourself In Shape

 The UnleashFIT way!


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Why give it a try at online coaching? What are the steps? Will it affect my overall life schedule? 


1. Health and Fitness Assessment


    •    We go over your goals and how we can achieve it with a realistic plan.

    •    We discuss your health history and physical performance.

    •    I learn about your lifestyle (how many hours of work, sitting down, stay home parent etc. ) based on that it will help me create a plan that is catered to your schedule and your personality.


2. Your own customized Training Program


    •    How many times a week and Volume that will go with your goal and lifestyle.

    •    Depending on the goal setting you will have various training phases that will determine your progression.

    •    With each program, you will have a number of exercises per session with a specific order, number of sets, reps tempo and rest. You will be able to track that with me with a digital diary.


3. Personalized Nutrition Plan


    •    You will get meal samples based on your habitual lifestyle and based on the food you like most.

    •    The frequency that will make you enjoy your food, adaptation in how many meals you can handle a day from one to six meals a day.

    •    Understanding your macronutrients and executing in your daily life whether is via writing or digital food diary, that will help you towards your goals and lifestyle.


4. Individual Supplementation Plan


    •    A complete understanding of what makes sense to take and what is unnecessary for you.

    •    Based on goals and budget will guide you on which makes sense to take specifically for you.No diet pills or

magic powders (obviously), if I recommend supplements they are backed with strong scientific evidence.

    •    No shortcuts (diet pills or other powders), but I will guide or recommend supplements that are backed up with many scientific evidence studies.


5. Motivation & Accountability


    •    Every week updates on the current program to know how are you doing, every four weeks a review on the program as a whole and a 1-1 Skype/in person coaching session.

    •    Digital tracking on training and diet through your own profile that I will get every time you submit your workout and diet log.

    •    Video updates on exercise and reviews with obstacles encountered on exercises.


6. Full Access To Me 


    •    You will have access to my exclusive personal account, which I will be available 24/7.

    •    I will be there on your side with any questions you will have, you will never feel alone on this journey for a better healthier life. 

    •    Have a change of events? Upcoming school reunion? Got injured while playing sports with your kids?communicate to me and I will help you.





So What are you waiting for apply below 


Unleash your true FITness

1 on 1 training: 


     With 1 on 1 training, I help the client maximize their fitness levels and master their movements with proper techniques and form accordingly. I engage in helping them progress from their current state, with the proper programming and nutrition. My sole goal is to help the client simplify their fitness goal, help them focus and finally make them functional for their everyday lifestyle. 


This service includes:


  1. In person assessment.

  2. Goal setting based on time ex. “I want to lose 25lbs in 3 months”

  3. Nutritional guidance (how many calories, helping them understand macronutrients) with the option to help the client with food shopping. 

  4. Access to scheduler and workouts (given by me when unable to meet)

  5. Fully customized program based on all the above.

Truly discover what your body is capable of doing

Master your weakness, master your diet 

and be proud to Unleash your new skills in the gym!

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